How Important Is Your Child's Well Being to You?

It is VERY Important to us!

Welcome To Your Vida Viral

The work of Your Vida Viral is based on our core fundamentals; Nutrition, Activity, Nature and Family.

Our goal is to give children the tools to understand concepts like diet and exercise, the environment, bullying and other issues facing this generation's general and emotional health.

Your Vida Viral achieves this by engaging children and their families on a variety of platforms.

Our books, games and magazines work on all mobile devices and home computer operating systems.
Take advantage of this ground floor opportunity and prepare to be paid for the rest of your life!
The ebook industry has exploded by taking approximately 10% of the book market even though the average price for one purchase is $18.68 USD! Experts estimate that the percentage of market share will increase to 25% by the year 2014.

In the year 2012, Twenty-One Percent (21%) of all adults in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Australia downloaded an ebook; that is five (5) times greater than the amount of downloads by the same group in 2011.

The ebooks that are purchased most regularly are children's books and this is our market! You are in a unique position to take advantage of our cutting edge opportunity. Our ebooks, games and magazines are very high in quality and provide the average-everyday person to earn profits from this very exciting and lucrative industry.

Your Vida Viral is the only company in the world to offer this type of opportunity with such amazing life-changing products. You are in a great position to make a change while earning an income. Watch this short video to see how you will be paid for joining our team.
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